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  • "Durch das Runway Programm haben wir wertvollen Einblick in die Erfahrungen und Hürden anderer Startups erhalten. Diese Erfahrungen haben uns schon früh geholfen Fehler zu vermeiden und schneller voranzuschreiten."

  • "Das Coaching ist für uns ein wichtiger Teil des Runway Programms. Wir konnten dank der Hilfe unseres Coachs die richtige Zielgruppe für unser Produkt finden."

For startups

Individualized Coaching

Based on your needs and requirements, an individual selected coach out of our network will support you during the programme. Additionally, we offer workshops, startup trainings (e.g. Innosuisse trainings) and IP & Spin-off support.

Events & Networking

Join our community events for sharing experiences and knowledge. Moreover, you get access to the ZHAW’s vast network of experts, investors, research institutes and the Swiss startup ecosystem.

Creative and inspiring collaborative Workspace

The exchange of ideas in our co-working space inspires new solutions from the spillover of ideas and provides the opportunity to learn from each other. Be part of our community with other students, entrepreneurs and startups!

Application Process

Bild Application Prozess EN

Your founding team should fullfill the following criteria:

  • At least 2 team members
  • Higher education background (student, employee, alumni)

Your business idea should match the following:

  • existing and scalable business idea
  • respectable market chances
  • high level of innovation

We do not take any equity from your startup. As part of your RUNWAY membership, there is only a small monthly fee of CHF 200.


You can apply anytime!
Your application requires a complete pitch deck. 



The RUNWAY Evaluation Committee (consisting of representatives from ZHAW, Technopark Winterthur and Zürcher Kantonalbank) will review your application. We will inform you as soon as possible!


Apply here!

About the RUNWAY Incubator

The RUNWAY Incubator


We are the point of contact for all future entrepreneurs and startup in the broader region of Winterthur!

Current Startups


Customers of common connected smart home products often realize that setting up meaningful automation is not possible with the features provided by manufacturers and integration platforms. We developed a cloud service that allows our users to implement basic to advanced Home Automation functionality with any consumer grade smart home product that is compatible with IFTTT.

Buy Food with Plastic

Our vision is to sensitize people to a more conscious use of plastics. We give value to plastic and use it as a currency. In countries like Nicaragua, we organize events where people in local communities can pay for a meal with plastic bottles. We reduce plastic waste and simultaneously help the population to afford healthy food. With the collected plastic bottles, we build houses.


The long-term effects of muscle injuries and diseases on the body and our healthcare system are often underestimated. According to our calculations, 80% of the long-term costs after accidents could be saved if muscles could be thoroughly examined with a device immediately after an accident. However, it still takes many years of expertise to interpret the images of today's devices. Since such experts are not always and everywhere available, incomplete diagnoses inevitably arise. We want to build a medical all-round device, which can find all muscle problems by itself and, via crowd intelligence, make a diagnosis accessible to every medical professional.

Cyclops Fuel Cell Systems

Cyclops Fuel Cell Systems dedicate themselves to realizing the most efficient mobile power generator on the market. Engineered by two former ETH students, our systems ensure the power supply in challenging environments.
Whether on expeditions or specialized drones: We are where boundaries are overcome.

Fit Cap

Our product FitCap is the Nespresso solution for the fitness world. FitCap is a capsule with a screw cap and an innovative shaker function. Our capsule is compatible with any conventional PET bottle.  FitCap is the flexible solution that allows our customers to easily take the required amount of protein at any time. Our product will initially be offered in three different flavours: Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. is the end-to-end staff planning software for the flexible temp staffing sector including a free market place, fast, intuitive and pay per use based.

Midwife Refugee Kit

Asylum-seeking women have significantly worse peripartum and reproductive health outcomes than the native female population of Switzerland. The reasons have already been identified in various studies, but concrete suggestions for improvement for health professionals have so far been poorly formulated. For this reason a concept for an e-learning tool was developed to improve the working methods of midwives taking care of asylum seekers and thus to improve outcomes in the long term. The tool can be applied in hospitals, for freelance midwives and in educational institutions. The e-learning units deal with the following topics: Holistic and women-centred care, culture, transcultural competence, the most common immigration countries, predominant power structures, individual background of the woman, relationship between woman and midwife as well as dealing with inequality and racism. 

myProfashional is a digital marketplace (two-sided platform), which allows two peer groups to connect online and meet in real live afterwards.

Our platform arranges physical (= offline) meetings between overwhelmed "Shoppers" who look for genuine, reliable fashion advice and "Profashionals" who provide new inspiration, contribute to more efficiency when shopping and share their neutral recommendations and styling tips with Shoppers.

Profashionals are competent stylists and fashion enthusiasts who can affordably be booked online for a joint shopping trip as brief as 1-hour.

Our platform operates independently of labels and manufacturers, offering personalized shopping experiences together with credible peers who have no incentive to sell.


NEXENIC develops a smart, innovative, self-heating lunchbox. With our lunchbox it is possible to reheat a lunch menu regardless of time and place in a short period of time. Our integrated steaming technology promises the best taste sensation. Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery and the control through our app, it was never so easy to heat your meal.

Prognolite GmbH

Prognolite develops the solution for one of the biggest challenges in the hospitality industry – the number of spontaneous guests, which is hard to predict. An innovative tool visualizes turnover and staff-forecasts to help restaurant managers reduce food waste, personnel costs and waiting times.


Share your BICAR AG

Die ZHAW Spin-Off Firma Share your BICAR AG bietet eine innovative, zukunftsweisende und nachhaltige Sharing-Mobilitätslösung (genannt BICAR Mobility Solution) für Städte und Agglomerationen an, basierend auf einer free-floating verteilten Flotte von speziell entwickelten, emissionsfreien Fahrzeugen, den BICARs. Die Nutzung eines BICARs ist attraktiv für alle Kundengruppen, zu jeder Jahreszeit und bei jedem Wetter, und ermöglicht eine individuelle Mobilität auf Kurz- und Mittelstrecken. Die Implementation der BICAR Mobility Solution wird dazu beitragen, den innerstädtischen Raum vom Privatautoverkehr zu entlasten, ohne von den Nutzern Einbussen bei Komfort oder Flexibilität zu verlangen.


Our Team

Prof. Dr. Adrian W. Müller

Beata Gruschka

Program Manager RUNWAY Incubator

Ramona Lieser

Community & Project Manager

Jacques Hefti

Head of the RUNWAY Evaluation Committee and Head of STARTUP CAMPUS

You’re welcome to join!

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